How to Write an Article Critique Essay

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Steps in Writing an Article Critique Essay

Follow the following steps in writing your next article critique essay:

  • 1. Identify- Find out the background of the article and what inspired the author to write it. This process can also entail getting to know more about the author and his background. This helps one understand the purpose behind the article. Figure out the main idea or argument that is presented in the article. Carefully read the article to extract what is being communicated.
  • 2. Evaluate-Assess and evaluate how convincing the article you just read is. Review the argument and see if it is persuasive enough. Find out what are the assumptions made in the article and how applicable or useful the article is in real life experiences. Compare the article with other related pieces of work to find out how it compares to current theories or researches that were conducted in the same area.
  • 3. Respond-In this section, you write down your assessment of the article by discussing the issues it raises and the ones it avoids. It is critical to be as fair and as balanced as possible to avoid missing out on important issues.

It is important to note that you do not summarize your article but rather interact with it by reviewing its content keenly from all viewpoints. Avoid being subjective. Give objective discussions in your article critique by using evidence rather than emotions. Read widely to obtain the required analytical skills required in writing article critique essays. When you critique an essay, make sure to prove to your professor that you read extensively and that you understand the materials comprehensively. Show that you can discover and key out the various strengths and weaknesses contained in the article. Be able to take a position while writing your article critique by having original and authentic perspectives throughout the essay. Portray a high level of expertise by showing that you have the skills to critique other authors and experts. Critiquing means that you can give a broader picture of the article in a coherent manner. It shows how well you understand the subject area. article critique help can help you do this at an affordable cost.

How to Critique-Format of an Article Critique Essay

  • 1. Introduction-In this section state the name of the author as well as the title of the essay. You can also give a precise summary of what the main ideas entail through a thesis statement.
  • 2. Body-In this section, you outline and explain the main supporting evidence. To support your viewpoints, ensure that you give quotes from the work you are critiquing. Discuss the quotes and explain how they relate to the entire piece of work by explaining how they support your thesis statement. To demonstrate to your professor that you have done extensive reading, you can also insert quotes from other sources or experts. This strengthens your arguments as it utilizes theories relevant in that field.
  • 3. Conclusion-In this section, summarize your thesis as well as your critique.

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